Thin Thursday #4

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I don't really know where to go with this post - I weighed myself today & was told I've put on yet more weight. However the machine also added a good two inches to my height, so I'm very confused.

I think it highlights the importance of weighing yourself properly - Once a week, on the same day, at the same time, & in the same clothes. I usually try use my Wii Fit to weight myself but it's been out of batteries recently, so I used a machine in a pharmacy. And I don't know whether to trust them!

I mean, I had a good week. Weetabix for breakfast (I usually skip breakfast or worse, grab a cereal bar or something & run out the door), a wrap/ salad/ soup & sandwich for lunch, and stir fry/ pasta for dinner. No snacks during my tea break, just fruit tea, and I have had a treat in the evening. Coupled with a walk at lunch time & another in the evening, and I am getting downhearted.

If I'm honest, I am at the stage where I feel like it's worth my while going to the doctor. I'm constantly tired & when I'm actively trying to lose weight but putting it on, I just think she might be able to help!

Have you ever had confusion about weight loss etc? Feel free to comment!
Chloe x


  1. constantly tired and an inability to lose weight could by hypothyroid, doctor will be able to do a test and tell you x but also every weight loss goes through plateaus where you're working really hard but the weight isn't going anyway but you just have to push through and eventually you'll lose again x

    1. Thanks Sarah, I'll mention it to the doctor! Got blood tests done for anaemia but nothing, so anything's possible! I'll just keep working x


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