Thin Thursday #2

Well lovelies, not much to report this week. At least - not much positive. Weighing myself last weekend, I could see that I'd dropped the few pounds that are continuously disappearing then popping back up (they're like a really annoying ex boyfriend or friend - You THINK they're gone. You relax. You buy something to celebrate. And then they decide to re-enter your life.)

Even though I expected them to go away once I quit the junk food, any bit of positivity at the start is so motivational. I was delighted, even managed to keep up the 30 Day Shred. And then, disaster struck. I'm the first to admit that when I get busy/ stressed, my diet suffers. It's so much easier to grab a roll & tea in college than make lunch, or to eat out with friends instead of cooking for one. This week, I've been struggling to get some college work done. I have an essay due tomorrow, and it's just a disaster. I had been working away on it, saving all my research & typing on my laptop when, BANG. My hard-drive decided to fail. So, I figured I could do everything manually. Just write everything with pen & paper, then type it up when it was finished. I didn't plan on a litre of milk bursting in my bag & soaking all my work. AGHHHH!

The point is - I've been sitting on my bed the last few days & nights, trying to re-do my essay. And to keep my energy up, I've stupidly been munching away on chocolate & sweets. Even when doing the work with one of my friends, I had to make sure I had snacks. Before I leave college to come home, I've just been grabbing food that looks like it'll fill me up. So this week has been a bit of a fail in terms of exercise & food. 

Vegetarian diablo - Healthy but a massive portion & too much cheese.

Grilled chicken ciabatta - Again, not unhealthy but I don't usually eat chips & I ate past the point of feeling full.

My goal for next week? Come up with recipes that are easy & quick to cook, that I can make when I'm busy without compromising on nutrition. Because this is what my bed looks like at the moment:

Yep - Tortilla chips, wine gums, chocolate.. And a mess of notes.

Apologies for the long, ranty post but at least I know now what I need to specifically focus on - Eating healthier, & not giving into stress!

Do you let lack of time, & stress affect your diet?

Chloe x


  1. I'm sorry you had a "bad" week but college takes precedence over losing weight, if junk food helps you work I say go for it! x

    1. Sorry I just remembered when I was in college I had snacks like grapes and almonds around me so you could try substituting those for junk food? x

    2. Thanks Sarah, next week I'm going to just thinking about the snacks that will keep my energy up without being too bad! It's all about will power :) x

  2. I am on a diet too. Christmas was SO bad for me! Don't worry if you had a bad week, It is nothing too worry about. Stress does this to all of us, you are SERIOUSLY not alone.

    Found your blog accidently...Haha


    1. Hi Nadja, thanks for the comment! Haha stress just completely throws me off course!

  3. Soup is your friend Chloe, make a big pot that will do a few days x

    1. Thanks Có :) I use to make meals last year that I could eat over a few days but this year I don't have a freezer so it's mostly daily shopping & cooking! x


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