Thin Thursday #3


I skipped my post last Thursday because I wasn't feeling up to it, so this one might stretch out a bit.
After my last post, which turned into a pit of a rant, I put on weight (Shocker.) But the big thing was, I was literally the heaviest I have ever been. Only by two pounds, but it brought me up into a new number that I have never seen on the scales. I weighed myself in Boots & spent the next hour wandering around town, trying not to cry.

I am trying to focus on my fitness & overall health rather than weight, & I know that muscle weighs more than fat. Visually, I don't really look like I've put on weight, & my clothes aren't any tighter. The main indicator for me is that my bra still fits. So I don't know why I'm getting so upset about a number on the scales.

I know that if I exercise (even just walking to college), I have more lee-way on what I eat & honestly I would rather relax and manage to have meals out, or a night in without fretting about it. I have a week off from college next week and I'll be working all week, leaving me with no time for snacks - I'm usually so wrecked that I hit the hay early too so no late night snacks! If I fit in a walk every day, I'll be happy & then I can come back to college with more structure & motivation.

How're you getting on with exercise/eating?

Chloe x


  1. Don't be dishearten.. This is a long term life style change and sometimes life just gets in the way. its good that you still weighed in tho.
    2lbs could be bloating or TOTM or just cuz you ate shite the day before.
    You'l get there, with Walks and Water and Determination :)
    Also maybe measure yourself with a tape or with a particular pair of jeans and don't go completely on the number on the scales

    1. I know, I've been weighing myself on different days, with different clothes etc so it's not very reliable I guess. I'm going to try measurements instead!

  2. You will definitely make it up so don't worry about it. Any working for a week non-stop will really help you more than you would think :)

  3. Ugh it is just the worst when you are trying to lose weight and you end up putting it on! I can totally relate, sounds like you have a great future plan though x

    1. I know, it makes you want to give up haha! This week will hopefully be better :) x

  4. How're you getting on with exercise/eating?

    Eating? Good. Exercise? Not good.


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