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It's only a week until I get home for Christmas... A WEEK! So I am in a festive spirit, especially after visiting Christmas markets, etc. & I wanted to do this Christmas tag, from Sian's blog.

What's your favourite Christmas Movie?
Ooooh, I think it might be The Santa Clause. It's one of the films I remember watching & loving when I was younger & I still loving watching it! (And weirdly, I even like the sequel.) Honourable mentions go to Home Alone, The Grinch & The Holiday. 

Do you stay in your PJ's or get dressed on Christmas?
We always get new PJs from our parents on Christmas Eve, which we bear to bed that night & while opening presents. But because we get up & go to mass, etc, I get dressed after breakfast & stay dressed for the day! Though the second I'm home I take off my heels or whatever, open my belt/zips/buttons & let comfort win.

Do you open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
We open our parents' present on Christmas Eve, to get our jammies. Everything else is Christmas Day! One year, we were only allowed open one present a day, til we got bored when my mum was on the phone a few days later & just ripped into them.

Favourite Christmas smell?
Mmm this year I'm really looking forward to the smell of the fire! Haha & we always have candles burning when it's cold - I have two Yankee Candles in my bedroom at home, from Christmas last year so I'll have them lit in my room when I'm relaxing!

Mom.. this would be super pretty around the fireplace... very different from anything you've done before! - Yeah I do like this idea.  I would just have to find/make the garland wreath to do it with.  Also It would cover the shelves below so I wouldn't have to decorate those separately.

What is your favourite Christmas Song?
Fairytale of New York, without a doubt. Last year, in a Spoken German class, there were only three of us in, & the tutor decided because it was a famour Irish song, we had to sing it for her. I make a good Kirsty MacColl.. Especially when translating it to German. On the upside, I learned a few handy phrases. Like "She changes her boyfriends more than her underwear". 

What is your Favourite Christmas Drink?
Mmm hot chocolate! Last year, I lived on hot chocolate from Costa, Insomnia & Starbucks. (All three of them are within spitting distance from my college, it would be a shame not to.) So far this winter, I've just been draining my supply of Lyon's tea.. The second I land, I'm headed for some real hot chocolate, with marshmallows & whipped cream.

Hot Chocolate

Favourite Christmas Meal?
Christmas dinner! I used to be a seriously fussy eater, & my dinner consisted of mashed spuds, turkey & ham. I have expanded my horizons (& gotten chubbier) & now have mashed pottoes, croquettes, ham, turkey, stuffing, carrots, parsnips, & sure I might even have some gravy. I draw the line at sprouts though. Followed by a choice of Mint Viennetta or Romantica.. I'm still too fussy for Christmas cake & pudding. 

Wrapping Presents-Love or Loathe?
LOVE! I'm actually raging that I can't start wrapping presents yet, coz they might get squashed in my suitcase. So the weekend I get home, I'm going to have Christmas tunes blaring while I get to work. I'm one of those freaks who goes in with the wrapping paper, ribbons, bows, tags & glitter. 

Whats your favourite thing about Christmas?
Everyone being together. I didn't appreciate it as much every other year, because I saw my family constantly anyway - Even though I'd moved out, I was home every weekend. Now that it's been what feels like forever since I saw them, I don't care what we do at Christmas, I just want to spend time with everyone I love.

Christmas Tree Real or Fake? 
We've always had a fake one.. I don't think I know anyone with a real one! I actually think fake ones look nicer (hello bushy trees), but we have to have one because my mum is allergic to real ones. Or else she's the Grinch in disguise, not sure. 

Handmade Cards or Shop Bought ones? 
Shop bought.. I don't have the patience for making them. & yes,by shop bought, I mean 3 for €2 in the pound shop. Every little helps at Christmas! I do write really nice messages in them though.

What do you do on Christmas Eve?
Christmas Eve used to be my dad panicking about presents & going to town last minute, I'd go & convince him to buy me sweets & a magazine. Then I started singing in the cathedral, so Christmas Eve I'd be in there for Midnight Mass. Since my dad now has me to organise him, it's usually spent just hanging about with my sisters, or helping my mum. This year, my boyfriend will only be home that day, so I'll probably visit him, but get home in time to open my PJs & go to bed!

Snow, Love it or Hate it?
Undecided - I like it at first, when it's nice & white & you can make snowballs & play. Then it turns to slush & you start slipping, or can't go anywhere, so it's less fun! Plus, apparently when it snows in Germany, it ends up at your thighs so I think I'm going to hate it this year...

Let me know if you do this tag! Eeeeek excited!
Chloe x


  1. Love all your answers! :) xxx

  2. Such a cute tag! The Christmas spirit hasn't hit me yet this year, so may have to do this to get in the festive mood :)


    1. Oh you definitely should! Let me know if you do :)


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