5 Things #11

5 Songs
Ellie Goulding - You, My Everything

Foo Fighters - The Pretender 

Ellie Goulding - Goodness Gracious

The Blizzards - Postcards

Disclosure - Latch

5 To Look At
I'm a weirdo & love looking at home stuff, so I loved this article on Buzzfeed about how to prettify all the everyday eyesores at home!

I spent a good half an hour or so watching all of Jimmy Kimmel's Mean Tweets videos.. They're so bad but hilarious.

If you've seen Kate Upton's V Magazine cover, how did you feel about it? I loved Zee-Railed's post on why it's wrong for just anyone to be able to strip her online.

Mental health is still a big issue in Ireland, so Darragh's very honest article is well worth a read - About his failed suicide attempt & how he feels now.

I absolutely LOVE figure skating, it's the highlight of Winter Olympics for me. So this video of 'Riverdance on Ice' made me wish I could figure skate & still Irish dance. Boo.

5 That Made Me Smile
This weekend, I'm going to visit my boyfriend for the first time - I'm really looking forward to seeing where he lives!

I've taken the photos for my Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff review twice, & lost them twice. I finally found them & could write my review!

The news that Beaut.ie would be making a return pretty much just made my week.

After butting in on one of Sharon's conversations on Twitter, she offered to send me over some ebooks that she had, for my Kobo. The kindness of bloggers!

During the week, I found a video of myself competing in my parish's Dancers & Chancers - I had to learn how to Irish dance to a modern song. It was actually really fun & made me kinda want to do more!

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