Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff

This review has actually been such a long time coming. The girls at Cocoa Brown first sent me Tough Stuff way back in July.. Since then, I've gone through about a hundred little sachets of the stuff & still love it!

Tough Stuff is an exfoliator, "a no-nonsense 3-in-1 scrub". It's coloured pink, & contains exfoliating beads, in a runny pink gel. It has Cocoa Brown signature fragrance - Tahitian Gardenia, & it's available in both a 50ml sachet, or 200ml tube. Tough Stuff is made to prep your skin for tanning, to remove all your old dirty tan (it happens us all), or simply to exfoliate your skin. And it works for all three - Especially with regular use, your tan should go on flawlessly!

50ml sachet, with a background of my onesie.

I find that it's definitely quite a 'scrubby' scrub - It does an intense exfoliation! Because it's a runny gel consistency, there's no problem using Tough Stuff on its own, on dry skin, but it can also be used in the shower, on wet/ soapy skin. They recommend it for use on tougher areas of skin, like your knees, elbows, etc, and to avoid any delicate areas because it is pretty scratchy.

I've developed a routine with Tough Stuff - Once a week, I apply it onto dry skin & scrub away with it for a few minutes, just using my hands, (I'm as pink as the packaging after that) then wash it off in the shower. For this, I use a fair bit of the product - Probably 20ml. Then, every second day, I just throw a bit onto an exfoliating glove or shower puff, & use it in the shower, on wet skin. I find this keeps all the dead skin away! If I'm tanning, I do the deep exfoliation the day before, when I'm shaving my legs, etc. Then after a few days, I'll use it in the shower, to make sure it fades evenly. If its getting patchy, I give myself a good scrub, focusing on whatever areas aren't looking great! Then I'm back to square one.

Tough Stuff is now my go-to exfoliator, I haven't bought any others since last summer & haven't even bothered using up the ones I had! That is the sign of true love. My only complaint initially was that the sachet got messy, but then they brought out the bigger tube. However, when I flew home & only had hand luggage, my plastic bag for liquids was stuffed with sachets. I should really just get off my bum & order the tube on Feel Unique.
Even the beads are pink - I love this

Anyway, Tough Stuff gets a big thumbs up from me! It costs €7.99 for the tube, or €2.99 for a sachet, in Penneys, Boots, etc. HOWEVER I have noticed that on FeelUnique, the tube is €9.99, or two sachets are €5.63. Just sayin'. But hey, I'll pay it, because I'm down to my last bit in a sachet & the purple hue I'm rocking could do with a bit of tan. There is a Cocoa Brown Luxury Gift Set also available, with One Hour Tan, Tough Stuff, Chocolate Whip & a tan mitt - This may be winging its way to Germany right now.

I have also heard that Cocoa Brown will have 3 new products out in March - I feel this excited.

Do you use Tough Stuff?

Chloe x


  1. I adore their 1 hr tan... but I would love to try their Day to Night variation too!

    1. Oh I have that too Cindy, I prefer One Hour but Day To Night is brilliant when you're in a rush! It's not orange either haha :)


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