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Thank you to the lovely Cindy from Girl With The Skew Earring for tagging me! I only noticed this a month later haha, because I haven't been reading through blogs as much as usual when I arrived home. But Cindy's blog is one of the first blogs I started reading, because it's one of the main Irish blogs I absolutely love. Her Friday Funny posts were my favourite thing to cheer me up, & I love looking at her nail art. So go check GWTSE out!

When did you begin loving make up?

I first began using make up when I was about 13 - Just for discos, etc. I think I was about 15 when I started wearing it more, & learned more on applying it - I made the journey to Dublin to fork out on Bobbi Brown foundation, for my pale skin! (No idea where I got the money at that age.) In Transition Year, we got a make up class, & I got a make up application by Urban Decay that year too, which really encouraged me to figure out as much as I could! But it was probably around 17 that I really developed a passion for make up & kept learning as much as possible. It was around then that I started reading blogs too, & since getting a job, a lot of money goes on make up.

Chilling in the onesie without a scrap of make up.

How do you feel without make up?

Grand. I do much prefer myself with make up, but I can deal without it. If I'm in a rush in the morning, I throw my make up bag into my bag & just give myself a quick going over in work - Mascara & eyeliner makes me feel more myself. I go without foundation, concealer, etc quite often in college, but for work I try to make more of an effort - I feel & look more polished, which I prefer when I'm representing work. But for going out, etc, I go for a full face of make up. Obviously, when I've had lots of sleep, been eating well, etc my skin is better, so I'll happily just wear mascara! (I need that definition, at least.)

Make up

What do you like about make up?

I like how make up enhances features & changes how you look. It's just fun to experiment with different products, & to see how they work on different people. Obviously I love putting it on & making myself look better, but I like trying out things on other people too! Maybe I sound sad, but I can happily spend time trying out looks I've seen on blogs & YouTube, wondering if they'll suit me or drown my face.

Three Holy Grail make up products?

Eeeeek! I change products so much... I don't know if I have any with HG status! But 3 I probably couldn't go without are -
Urban Decay Naked Palette - I use it more than any other palette, & I know that if I could only use one for the rest of my life, I could survive with the Naked. (Though I still want Naked 3.)
OPI Nail Envy - I can't paint my nails without a layer of Nail Envy first. For the first time in my life, my nails are actually longer than half a centimetre.
Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara - Not something that would ever make my list of "OH MY GOD BUY THIS NOW" products, but I always like mascara on my bottom lashes, & I haven't found anything that works as well as this mascara specifically made for the job, so I'll be repurchasing.

For this, I tag -
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Let me know if you do it!

Chloe x

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  1. Aw, thanks for the Mention Lady C. It's lovely to ready a bit and get a bit of insight into the blogger behind the Blog! Hope you have a fabulous 2014!


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