Handbag Wishlist

1. 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli €840                                                    2. Boohoo Anya Structured Shopper €30

3. Burberry Trapeze Tote €895                                  4. Hero Mini Luggage Tote €37

5. LK Bennett Black tote £240                                 6. Saint Laurent Sac de Jour tote €1790

7. Oasis Sindy Shopper €53.37                                   8. River Island Cream Tote  £45

9. Mulberry The Willow tote €1750                                    10. Michael Kors Selma tote €395

11. Zara Shopper €39.99                                                    12. River Island Orange Bowler £37.00

Who doesn't love bags? Seeing as I tend to pick a bag & use it to death daily, I want one that I really like. My last two bags have been nice, but nothing exciting. So I went browsing! Obviously I'd never be able to afford half the bags on this list - But despite that, I think the orange River Island one is my favourite. It might be mine..

Have you seen any gorgeous bags lately? I can never have too much choice!

Chloe x


  1. Oh I love that Saint Laurent number - the hot pink is fabulous!


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