5 Things #2

5 Songs

  1. Calvin Harris ft Ellie Goulding - I Need Your Love 
  2. Little Mix - Change Your Life
  3. Kurt Hugo Schneider - Payphone/Call Me Maybe 
  4. Bastille - Locked Out Of Heaven
  5. Original Rudeboys - Bringing Me Down

Okay, I'm still on an Ellie Goulding buzz but I will limit myself to one song per post. Promise.

5 To Look At

  1. I loved Sweet Valley & now, I love Kitty Catastrophe's Sweet Valley Revisited series. & I kinda want to re-read them.
  2. I don't usually watch Britain's Got Talent but I was too lazy to move from in front of the fire last weekend, & I ended up wiping away a tear at Attraction's Shadow Dancing.
  3. I'm doing this to my nails. Seriously. It's SO NICE.
  4. We're all guilty of putting ourselves down. Cólleen's blog & the accompanying video from Dove are a real kick up the ass to stop that!
  5. I hate Glee. But Pitch Perfect is NOT Glee. It's absolutely an amazing non-cringey musical film & I have serious envy of Rebel Wilson & Anna Kendrick.

5 Reasons I Smiled

  1. The sun came out! It went away after a day but whatever.
  2. Malteser bars now exist.
  3. I made an order on Missguided & am really excited to get it! (I'm typing this up early so prob have it now!)
  4. My 11 year old sister spent the evening reading through my blog & is helping me with this post!
  5. I'm back in Dublin, with a study plan (boo) but also a few nice meetings with friends, etc scheduled!


  1. Your so lovely thank you x and yes to wllie and pitch perfect!!! Have you listened to any lissie, do it if you have not :) x

    1. No problem! I was actually going through Youtube the other night & just found a song she'd done with Ellie & meant to look up a few more! x

  2. I'm obsessed with Pitch Perfect too :D Mermaid dancing anyone?

    I've tagged you in a music related post over on my blog!

    Mollie xo

    1. I prefer horizontal running haha! Oh thank you :) x

  3. Love Pitch Perfect, can't wait to see Malteser bars, big fan of Kurt Hugo Schneider (and anything he does with Sam Tsui) and I also cried at the Shadow thing on Britain's Got Talent! DEFINITELY going to try those nails, amazing x

    1. I recommend eating a Maltesers bar while watching Pitch Perfect & Youtube, & painting your nails! Haha x


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