5 Things #3

I'm not in a very cheerful mood this week - My laptop broke yesterday (taking all my notes, for exams next week, with it) so I'm hoping this post might make me smile a bit!

5 Songs

  1. Spice Girls - Stop
  2. Backstreet Boys - Everybody
  3. 5ive - Keep On Movin'
  4. Steps - Tragedy
  5. S Club 7 - Bring It All Back
Yes, I very much had a 'cheesy 90's pop' week.. Who isn't cheered up by their favourite childhood music?

5 To Look At
  1.  This cat shifting a hoover. I don't know, it makes me laugh.
  2.  I have gone through this process a lot. But I PROMISEthis summer will be different. Or not.
  3.  I think talking about rape culture is important - This article is a good read.
  4.  I know, it's mean to laugh at other people's misfortune, but tough luck.
  5.  I feel bad for finishing on a sad note. I like Jenna Marbles but her Draw My Life video is one of my favourites. But it made me cry.

5 Reasons I Smiled
  1. The postman arrived with my lovely new camera yesterday!
  2. Tonight, I'll be back rowing for the first time since last Autumn. I need to relieve some stress!
  3. I got to meet lots of lovely beauty bloggers for the first time last Saturday at a Cocoa Brown lunch, & meet the lady behind my favourite tan - Marissa Carter
  4. I had a really nice night out with one of my friends, even if it did reduce my cabability to study the next day..
  5. As usual, my sisters brighten up my week - One of them came 5th in the All Irelands last week, & when I asked my youngest sistser to wake me this morning so I could study, she woke me up with breakfast in bed!

PS - If anyone has any suggestions on a nice, not extremely expensive laptop, please let me know - Guess who needs to start saving!


  1. Nooo that's awful about your laptop! Is there any chance of you being able to retrieve files? You poor thing!
    I'm loving the song list, all you need there is a little vengaboys and you'll have summed up my childhood!
    Hope next week goes a little better than this one.

    1. I have very nice friends who have sent me notes, etc that I managed to get on my tablet & I've borrowed a laptop for the day.. This is the third time this year, I should have just started taking notes by hand! Haha I was so close to just picking & songs to throw in Vengaboys & Barbie Girl. Thanks Katie have a lovely weekend xxx

  2. Aw Chloe, sorry to hear about your laptop! I replaced a very expensive Sony one with a cheapie from Dell and I wouldn't notice a difference xo

    1. Thankfully mine wasn't too expensive, & I guess it means lots of time getting to look at new ones! With my track record, cheaper is good I think xx

  3. Boo to the computer :( my brothers broke last week, he traded it in to a comp shop they took his old one for parts, transferred all his stuff to a new one and he paid 380 for a really decent toshiba xx

    1. I've just broken all the keys off mine to see if I could use a USB keyboard with mine temporarily so it's not the best looking but I might try that! Thanks :) xx

  4. Really sorry to hear about your laptop but I know when mine crashed the guys in the computer shop could restore almost all the data from the busted hard drive and put it on to another one? Might be worth a shot if there's loads of important photos and notes on there? Hope you get something sorted soon xxx

    1. Agh all my photos are thankfully on Dropbox, & my notes have all been emailed so I think I'm okay for now! The hard drive was only a temporary one as well because my own one also broke.. I'm a disaster! Thanks :) xxx


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