Life via Pictures #6

Cadbury Oreo bar AND neon polish - I badly need to organise my beauty stuff! - Getting the 'healthy option' in Captain America's
My friend destroyed my Khroma shadows :( - My sisters doing a fun-run with Winnie The Pooh - My Dainty Doll products arrived
Got a chocolate brownie after the healthy lunch - Dyed my hair red with my sister - Did I mention that I saw Ellie Goulding?
Got my hair did by my sister, it involved lots of 'pretty things' - My first Nandos! - Stripped my hair about a month after dying it

I'm a teensy bit absent at the moment, because my camera passed away. Wah. A new one has been dispatched but a mix of work/study/exams/life might mean updates are slow!


  1. im hungry looking at that food chloe! and yay for the fb page :)

    1. Haha so am I tbh, because all the photos are from a few weeks ago! Thanks for liking it :)

  2. Replies
    1. I keep getting cravings for it since that one!

  3. Drool at all the food stuff :) The red was lovely in the gruaige:)
    GO you setting up a fb page, just liked it:) I'm still setting mine up, its on my "to do list" lol

    1. Thanks :-) just so much hassle keeping it! On let me know when it's done!


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