I love blog tags - Its always a way to get to know bloggers better & to share some love!
Recently, I was nominated by Aoife for the Very Inspiring Blog Award & Eimear Katie for the Liebster Award. So, let's get to it!


Share 7 facts about yourself & nominate 7 fellow bloggers.

  1. I love wedges! I find them so easy to walk in, & even cheap ones are much more comfortable than expensive heels.
  2. I have a serious fear of the sun. I love when it's starting to get warm & sunny, but it's not uncomfortable, & with SPF, you have no fear of getting burnt.
  3. I live in skirts & black tights - My black leather skater skirt is worn at least twice a week. I need more skirts!
  4. I'm considering getting my tongue pierced & my first tattoo on my hips/ribs.
  5. I want an iPhone really badly. For the camera quality, the apps, & just because. (Or any decent smartphone with a good camera - Please do suggest one!)
  6. I'm most conscious about my stomach - the reason for wearing skirts so much!
  7. 90s pop is my favourite. Like, I am ALL about the cheese.

Share 11 things about yourself,  answer 11 questions, choose 11 other bloggers with less than 200 gfc followers & give them 11 questions.

After the 7 facts above, I'm cheating & doing an extra 4! There are very few facts I can think about at ten to one on a Saturday morning.

  1. In McDonalds (usually 4AM after a night out), I buy chicken nuggets & a burger instead of chips.. Even though I don't cook meat myself!
  2. I have to make my bed every morning. Even when I'm late.. I make my bed.
  3. I always forget to charge my phone, and my phone will stay on.. But won't let me get/send any texts, etc so I don't realise it has a low battery!
  4. I sleep on my tummy, or else I get cramps & have a sore back!
Eimear Katie's Questions
1. Who is your style icon?
Mmm I don't really have a style 'icon' - I prefer looking around fashion blogs or taking inspiration from girls I see around!

2. What is your favourite part of your make-up routine?
Probably doing my eye make up, just to see what different colours look like together. Plus, my gel eyeliner & mascara ALWAYS make me look better!

3. If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?
Pasta. I practically already live on it..

4. How do you imagine your life to be in 20 years?
No idea! Hopefully a nice house/apartment, a good job (I'm thinking something to do with child protection/ justice), my close friends & not too many wrinkles..

5. If you had to live on another planet, which one would you choose?
Mars. That's where the men are from, right?

6. What advice would you give to your teenage self?
I am still a teenager (for 41 days!) but to my younger self - Always remember your friends, don't worry about your looks so much, & keep focusing on school!

7. Do you wear socks in bed, or does it drive you crazy?
It's not something I ever notice! I do sometimes, but usually wake up with them off.

8. What is your biggest pet peeve?
People trying to get on the Luas/ Dart before I actually get off. It's really rude!

9. Do you have any insecurities, if so what are they?
My stomach (I've put on quite a bit of weight, but that's the only place I notice) & my teeth.

10. Name something beauty related you're terrible at.
Maybe my eyebrows. I am trying to learn how to define them nicely... & putting on my own lashes, I can do everyone else's though!

11. What is your favourite high street shop?
Topshop. They always have good sales, a decent student discount & gorgeous clothes!

My questions
  1. What's your favourite make up brand?
  2. What always makes you smile?
  3. What do you spend the most money on? (Aside from essentials!)
  4. Where would you love to travel to?
  5. Do you prefer books or films?
  6. What trend do you not get?
  7. What's your favourite quote?
  8. What was the last nice thing you did?
  9. Would you rather be invisible or be able to read minds?
  10. What do you do to cheer yourself up after a bad day?
  11. What 5 words describe you?
Once again, I am cheating slightly - I'm leaving nominations open, so whoever would like to do either tag, should! Do leave me a comment if you do either.

Chloe x


  1. Hello Chloe and greetings from California! I am a first time visitor. What an inspiring blog. It is clear that whatever direction you go in for a career, your gift will be to encourage and motivate others forward in life.
    I write a blog about food but with my reflections on relationships, love, friendships and family. Please visit. Maybe follow. That would be cool.


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