Sunday Samples #3

I am currently typing up multiple posts to be scheduled on my cousin's laptop to find out that it doesn't even have a hashtag. At least I have nice hair.

Mainly because this week's sample is a hair sample! Bet ya didn't see that one coming. L'Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil was sent as a sample by Cara Pharmacy with my Dainty Doll products. I'm a fiend for trying to tame my hair, especially the ends which have seen more splits than -insert any celebrity here-. I've lost my tube of Hask Argan Oil from Penneys (serious love for it) so was more than willing to let Loreal ravish my locks. (That may be the weirdest sentence I've ever written.)

 It's actually easy to open which is something I overlook, but yay!

The packaging of the samples in one of those little foil sachets, which isn't too bad because it's an oil, so it's not extremely difficult to squeeze out. Particularly as you don't need a whole lot. The normal packaging is a heavy glass bottle, which doesn't look too shabby. Like any other oil/serums, you can use it on dry hair that's a bit frizzy, or wet hair before styling. I tend to use stuff like this on dry hair, particularly the morning after sleeping on it. 

Top two are before, bottom two are after. 
& yes, bottom right is with flash, just coz it looked nice.

Aaaaaaaaaaand I like it. I believe I have tried this last summer, when I had straightened my hair but it was still 'fluffy'. A bit of this on the ends & it returned to its sleek glory. This time, I used it on my natural hair after sleeping on it (a bit wavy, a bit curly, & one side is a bit straight too. Don't ask.) My hair doesn't normally look like this, because usually when I sleep on it when it's tied in a bun, I keep it up, or style it properly. But the oil made it less kinky (the hair type of kinky. Not the bondage type) & also made me think of how fab-u-lous my hair will be after styling. Whenever I decide to do that again. 

So, I'm thinking about buying this to have at home, & keeping my Penneys oils in college. This oil costs around €14.99 but it's one of those things you'll probably find on offer in Tesco/Boots/Superdrug/somewhere else, because I have also seen it for €8.99 & currently for €7.19 here. It's available for coloured hair, or just the regular one, & you get 100ml for your money. It also contains silicones.

Have you tried this, or do you prefer another hair oil? 
Chloe x


  1. I have this! And I love it! It makes my hair really soft and gets rid of frizziness. Although I lost the bottle I had in Dublin :'( But thankfully I steal my mom's when I'm at home. It's so nice!

    1. My hair is so ridiculously frizzy & icky now. It made it non frizzy & icky. Ugh I hate losing all my stuff in travels between Dublin & home.... I NEED TWO OF EVERYTHING!

  2. After reading this post I remembered that I had gotten a hair oil/serum in a beauty box and never used it. It's an Ojon one and I've only used it twice so far but I am loving it! Dreading when it runs out as it is costly so will probably try this one instead then!

    1. Oh I've heard amazing things about the Ojon one!


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