Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

So, Collection's Lasting Perfection Concealer is one of THOSE products - hyped up beyond belief, with a major emphasis on price. Yes, it is relatively cheap, but I don't care how cheap something is, if it doesn't perform. With that, let's take a look.

Packaging is quite cheap

Packaging is standard, a tube with a screw-on lid & doe-foot applicator. I always apply with my finger, to avoid getting bacteria on the little sponge. You can see the writing wears off easily - This tube is quite new,, but one trip in my bag, & it's destroyed.

It's available in 4 shades, & I have 01 Fair. Well done to Collection, because this is actually a light shade. So much so, that I can use this on my skin & undereyes. But here's the truth - I don't think this is amazing. It is good, & I will buy it again. But more because it's handy to throw in my bag for touch ups, than because it's a Holy Grail product.

No concealer - Applied under left eye - Both eyes

Due to exams, I'm currently rocking major dark circles under my eyes. They are covered up quite well, but this took THREE LAYERS of concealer. In fairness, it still doesn't look cakey, but throw that much of anything under your eyes & it will start to settle into little lines by the end of the day.

It's difficult to see, but my spots were quite red & have been covered up

Like I said, I use it for blemishes too. Because it's a creamy formulation, it blends well over spots & isn't drying. I always use it over foundation & tend to set it with powder so it will last, but if I'm out for a while, there's never any hassle re-applying it.

To sum up, I will use it & buy it again, but I do have better products. Despite saying that I use my good products daily, I tend to keep my amazing concealers for when I'm going to be scrutinised by a camera! (I promise to show you these products soon.)

Also, while Lasting Perfection still only comes in at around €6.35, it does seem to just get more expensive every time I'm at their stand. It used to be under €5, which is a bit of a jump.

Does it annoy you when brands increase the prices of popular products? What's your favourite concealer?

Chloe x


  1. I bought my millionth tube of this today :)

    1. I do keep buying it because it's good, for I don't think it's perfect :)

  2. I noticed this too with the price increase! I'm going to buy Nars creamy concealer which I can't wait to try!

    1. It's still cheap but it's annoying! Oh I've heard good stuff about that but I still haven't bought ANYTHING from Nars!

  3. I hate price increases!! It's just greedy- they were clearly making a profit when it was cheaper so why the need to change the price?! I am also in the "this isn't as good as everyone makes out" camp :)

    1. Exactly, whatever about a few cents but an extra €2 is unnecessary! I always feel like everyone loves it haha


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