Khroma Beauty Khloe's Kardazzle Face Palette (Eyeshadows)

No, you're not imagining that I already did a post on this palette - You can check out the palette, & the face products here. But now, let's move onto eyeshadows.

I own the Naked palette, a variety of MUA palettes & far too many single neutral shadows to count.. But of course there's always room for extra neutral shadows in my collection! Especially when the palette contains 4 mattes shadows & 4 shimmers.

 You can see that the matte & shimmer shades have a light shade, two mid-tones & a darker shade.

The colours are pretty & basically, all you want in a palette this size. Also, it's the perfect size to pop in your bag for touch ups! But how did the shadows actually fare?

Without flash.
With flash.

I won't lie, I was a little bit disappointed. Even though we all need some matte shadows, I am a shimmery girl. So the lack of pigmentation in these mattes just re-affirmed my love for shimmers. The palest two mattes don't show up very well, though they do work as base colours, with a primer. The third shade applies better, but the darkest one is actually much better than the others - It's brilliant in the crease! The shimmers are all lovely. The palest one can be a little patchy, but it's brilliant as a highlight. The next three are perfect, especially that yellow gold, second from left. 

The shadows are nice & soft, so can be picked up easily but.. Beware. My friend borrowed mine, dug her finger into one, & crushed it. I'm awfully sad.. But don't let that put you off.

I don't think this'll be replacing my Urban Decay palettes, but it's perfect to bring in my bag, & I brought it home in my travel bag this weekend because honestly, blush, bronzer, highlighter AND eight shadows in this little thing? It's amazing.

What do you think of the shadows? 
Chloe x


  1. These colours look gorgeous :) I'll have to try this! xxx

    1. I definitely recommend it, such good value! xxx


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