April Wishlist

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  1. Mascara may just be my favourite beauty product every. I have teeny eyes so if Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara could open them up more? I'll have that, thanks.
  2. I got a tablet for Christmas, & it's just in a soft foam case. I kind of want one that can just flip open handily, & while the orange would match my purse.. Purple looks so pretty!
  3. These Etude House polishes seem to be popping up all over the place & they're gorgeous! They look like ice cream, but they're a cheaper alternative to Illamasqua's Speckled polishes.
  4. I love skirts, and while I originally wanted the black version, cream would be more spring/summer appropriate (If it ever arrives.) Plus it's on sale.
  5. Sigh. I just want a new phone. My phone is actually on its last legs, but a new one would be a big investment. If someone wants to buy me an iPhone though...
  6. Don't even ask. I'm currently babysitting, it's ten past two in the morning, I have to get up in about 4 hours for work, I'm starving & I really want some chili con carne. This is going to be eaten A LOT.
Is there anything taking your fancy? Let me know!

Chloe x

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  1. Nice list, number 5 is pretty ambitious though haha :-)

    1. Haha I know, I'm hoping to buy one myself when I save up :)

  2. Ooh those polishes! Such cute bottles and I really need a cheaper alternative to the illamasquas which I've been trying to justify the 20 quid price tag on!

    1. I keep seeing the Illamasqua on blogs but then these started popping up & they don't seem too far off!

  3. The polishes are so pretty!! They are totally summer packing appropriate!!

    1. i'm afraid they're the closest we'll get to summer haha! So pretty though :)


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